Luxury Fireplaces

Imagine your home with the commanding presence of the an original luxury gas fireplace.

Introducing the Town & Country TC42

Imagine your home with the commanding presence of the Town & Country TC42, the original luxury gas fireplace. Town & Country fireplaces are the only luxury gas fireplaces with DESIGN-A-FIRE and the award winning MAESTRO REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM. Town & Country Fireplaces are the only design-driven luxury gas fireplaces with interchangeable fires and panels. Mix or match burners and panels to achieve your unique style. Truly Traditional, Neo Classical, Ultra Modern, all are available through Design-A-Fire. With robust full-round logs, classic split wood, smooth river rock or tumbled glass, Design-A-Fire creates the opportunity to customize the inside of your fireplace to suit the style of any room. The Town & Country is a luxury fireplace that reflects your taste, your style, and your attention to detail!

Introducing the NEW contemporary look: MONTIGO L SERIES

SEE-THROUGH or SINGLE-SIDED 38”, 42”, and 52″ widths

MONTIGO L SERIES: Now Available in Indoor or Outdoor Stainless steel!

• Flush or Clean-Face Design
• Allows for brick or tile installation over the fireplace frame
• Unique linear burner design and technology
• Classic contemporary styling to fit your décor
• Large viewing area for a full view of the spectacular fire
• Installation using top or rear direct vent flue outlet
• Maximum installation versatility
• Snap-Lock door system – tool free access inside the Firebox
• Piezo spark ignition
• 100% fail-safe shut-off valve